OGM PLANT values


OGM promotes an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, giving new life to waste materials with low environmental impact, through the creation of objects with an ironic and surreal design.

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OGM believes in the importance of recognizing oneself in the values of a culture characterized by inclusiveness: identity, plurality and change. OGM believes in the beauty of diversity in its broadest and most accepting sense.

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OGM believes in the ironic and fun side of life and people, expressing this through a community of playful and surreal characters.

#ironic #dreamy #unconventional


OGM puts great care in the quality, design and details of all its products, always strictly Made in Italy.

#ironic #dreamy #unconventional

Company: OGM PLANT

OGM PLANT is focused on designing, creating, producing and marketing OGM branded products, ranging from design to streetwear, accessories, home decor, site specific installations and lifestyle in general, all derived from processes of recycling and enhancement of waste materials, or from materials with a low environmental impact. The production processes of OGM PLANT involve the use of recycled aluminum, bamboo and eucalyptus fibers, hemp or marble dust to make jewelry, clothing, home accessories, wallpaper and more, according to a development model that follows the parameters of the circular economy, involving a supply chain of mainly local suppliers.

Brand Identity: OGM

OGM is the trademark owned by OGM PLANT s.r.l .; trademark registered all over the world whose production is totally Made in Italy. Conceived by Matteo Faccioli Nobis, OGM was born as a brand concept based on the values ​​of genderless, environmental sustainability and creative cultural contamination. Since its origins, OGM aims to enhance the expressive power of recycled or low environmental impact materials to recreate it in a contemporary and inclusive way, without gender categorization. Reinterpreting the notion of genetically modified organisms, OGM is a universe of genetically modified characters that represent the re-birth of waste/scrap in a dreamlike form. A complexity of inspirations combine in the characters of that inhabit this universe: from primitive elements to references to the surreal, up to television images and of the first video games. Combining imagination, industrial processes and an ironic aesthetic, OGM re-generates a world: experimentation, recycling, technique and art converge to create a bizarre place of one’s imagination.