Sustainability is one of the pillar values of OGM Plant

The deepest meaning of sustainability is having respect for the global balance between men and the ecosystem, achieved through production and development processes that safeguard the environment whilst satisfying the current and future needs of people. Operating in this direction, OGM-plant has made the conscious choice to use only waste materials and / or natural materials whose manufacturing process does not negatively impact the environment.

All the processes put in place for the realization of OGM creations are tracked and verified so that the compliance with all current environmental regulations is guaranteed by all suppliers. All suppliers in the production chain of the different types of OGM products are chosen with the logic of proximity, zero km, to ensure eco-sustainability.

Sustainability is not only environmental but also social, and INCLUSIVENESS is another of the founding values ​​of OGM-plant which chose to entrust all the assembly and packaging phases of the product to a local social cooperative.

Furthermore, all OGM-plant suppliers must comply with the Made in Italy legislation so that the final product on the market can be entirely classified as Made in Italy.

The first OGM Plant collections
have been completely designed and produced in recycled aluminum

In the OGM-plant Laboratories, aluminum, a natural hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable material, is modeled using complex industrial processes.

Aluminum waste, generally cans, after being sorted, separated and washed, is melted in blast furnaces. The extruded aluminum is rolled out in rolled metal coils from which sheets are obtained. Through laser cutting techniques, OGM characters are obtained from the plates, first drawn by hand and then made using a software for technical drawing.

The Packaging
Innovation and creativity while respecting the environment

Consistent with the choices made for the product, the packaging observes the values ​​of the brand, primarily sustainability.

In addition to glass jars, reusable and recyclable, OGM PLANT uses paper packaging.

Crush is the new Favini ecological paper used for OGM home décor packaging, made with the by-products of agro-industrial processing.

Citrus fruit residues are the natural raw materials that, instead of being brought to the landfill, are used to produce this unique paper with an unusual tactile feel.

Crush is FSC ™ certified, produced using EKOenergy and containing 40% post-consumer recycled materials. Using agro-industrial waste and EKOenergy, the carbon footprint is reduced by 20%.

Refit, Favini’s ecological paper, utilizes the residues of the textile production of wool and cotton, often left as waste next to the carding, spinning and weaving machines. These are recovered and, after a special treatment, combined with cellulose.

Refit Wool has a unique surface fluff that contrasts with the dark colors of the paper, while Refit Cotton conveys the emotions of “fresh laundry”.

Refit contains 40% post-consumer recycled, 15% wool or cotton residues and is produced using EKOenergy.

(insert photo of scraps from textile processing – citrus scraps – glass)